“For there is born to you this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”
Luke 2:11


Sorry for the delay in updating the blog.  It has been a crazy couple of months but we have finally finished the trailer for FATHERLESS and it is in the last stages of edit.  The trailer will be released in January 2014 when we will begin to promote the film and production.  Soon we will have the film website up along with bios on the key members of the cast and crew.  Below is a picture taken with the crew during the last scene to be filmed for the trailer.



That’s right, a new title for our feature filmFATHERLESS.  Once we had to take a pause in production of the trailer due to A/C failure, we decided to re-focus the story upon which the film is based.  Although football remains a cornerstone of Ken’s life, we feel that FATHERLESS better describes Ken’s story and will point the audience to the key points of brokenness, hope, faith and healing.

Noelle Geiger is re-writing the script as well as  conducting interviews with Ken and his wife.  The  trailer is now in postproduction using existing footage and has a launch date of September 2, 2013.  We will be using the trailer to engage investors and fans in the upcoming feature film.  A Kickstarter campaign is also in development.  Stay tuned!


I want to personally thank the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission men for joining our trailer production.   Nineteen men attended film production as either cast or crew to help with the production of the trailer.  Those as part of the crew did an outstanding job of assisting the director, production manager and cinematographer.  Several men were part of the cast at the Coachella Valley Christian Church location and at La Quinta High School football field.  Below are some pictures from our first day orientation meeting and also on the filed at La Quinta High.

Day 1 On Location

Day 1 On Location

LQ High Football Field

LQ High Football Field 


Sad to say we had to cancel our film shoot this weekend due to the heat and some other challenges.  At this point it means a re-start for the production of our trailer.  But not to loose faith, we are sure God has a better plan as we move forward.  For now we are going to redo the script, storyboard and casting.  Thanks to cast, crew and all of you who helped us from the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.  God bless you for giving your time!   Stand by.   More soon.


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We are in production for the trailer to our feature film, FOURTH AND LONG. Check out a few scenes from Day 1 of production at the Coachella Valley Christian Church in Indio, CA.


Jon Furtado has joined the production team for FOURTH AND LONG as director of photography. Jon has been involved in cinematography for over 10 years and has recently filmed 3 short films and a TV movie. We are excited to have Jon on our team. We are shooting a trailer for FOURTH AND LONG from 6/27 to 6/30 here in the Coachella Valley. If you would like to be an extra or serve as a production intern on location with the team, please send us an email (



We are getting ready to produce a trailer for our next film. We have changed the name of this film to FOURTH AND LONG. It is a film based on the true story of Ken Johnson, Chaplain for the Colts. The trailer will be shot the last week of June here in the Coachella Valley. Noelle Geiger has written the script for the trailer. We will be looking for extras, so please contact us if you want to be an extra.


Check out our new listing at:

CFDB is a new film database for Christian films developed by Roger and Annelie Rudlaff. They are avid Christian film lovers who desire to get the word out about Christian films. According to Roger and Annelie:

“Over the years we found out that most people think the only Christian films out there are titles such as Moses, Joseph and Jesus of Nazareth. While those films are great, there is so much more out there and Roger wondered how are people going to know. Most people that contact CFDB think we are a big company with a lot of employees and we are believing God that someday soon we will be. Our goal is for CFDb to be blessed financially so we can dedicate a majority of our time adding and updating more films. Our prayer is for many people to be blessed spiritually as a result of this ministry. Although we do not make the films, we do help people find the appropriate films to help their spiritual needs.”


Well, we are still waiting on the IRS for an exemption letter for the new “Inc.” company.  We need this in order to begin fundraising as a nonprofit.  That way supporters’ contributions to the production of our next film will be tax deductible.  Because of the delay we are now planning on production sometime this Fall.

In the meantime some other things have taken place.  You can go to the IN PRODUCTION page of this website and see a short clip of part of an interview with Ken Johnson, chaplain for the Colts.  His story is the main inspiration for our next film, CROSSROADS.  We are also taking a second pass at the script for this film.  Noelle Geiger will be writing a second draft of the script for CROSSROADS.  In addition we  have been producing some promo videos for the “Hearts for the Arts” fundraiser.

Lastly, if you have an engaging faith story that you think would make a great film, please contact us.  We are always looking for new stories for production.